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South Country Health Alliance | New Value-Based Partnership Agreement with Mayo Clinic Health System
New Value-Based Partnership Agreement with Mayo Clinic Health System

New Value-Based Partnership Agreement with Mayo Clinic Health System

South Country Health Alliance and Mayo Clinic Health System have expanded their existing relationship through a collaboration aimed at improving the coordination of care to enrollees, ensuring all medical, social and care coordination services help improve the health and well-being of members.

This new agreement focuses on improving the health and well-being of members through integrated and coordinated medical, behavioral and preventive care services. Through this model, care is improved and cost is often reduced.

South Country Director of Provider Networks Mark Ward said this agreement marks a significant change in the health plan’s current payment model.

“South Country and Mayo Clinic Health System have developed a strong history in working together to align the payment model with the changing needs of both organizations,” said Ward. “This agreement is the next important step in this evolution and will shift the focus from a fee-for-service/utilization-driven payment system to a value-based model.”

The arrangement between South Country and Mayo Clinic Health System builds on both organizations’ dedication to improving the quality of health care, lowering total cost of care and optimizing the consumer experience.

“Working with others to support and strengthen the well-being of our communities is an important part of the future of health care,” said Robert Stroebel, M.D., Associate Medical Director of Mayo Clinic’s Midwest Office of Population Health. “Through this, and other relationships, we’re focusing on how we deliver care that focuses on each individual, providing them with a team to provide exactly the care they need. It engages more people in the care process, and it improves the results. Plus, it’s conscious of the cost of care by placing an emphasis on prevention.”

“This agreement reflects our shared accountability of increased quality, improved outcomes and reduction of medical costs, and our collaboration with Mayo is aligned perfectly with the health reform changes being promoted by the State of Minnesota,” said South Country CEO Leota Lind.

Lind said a considerable portion of South Country’s membership will be affected by this agreement, as more than 40% of South Country members receive their primary care services at Mayo Clinic Health System location.

“We have had a successful pay-for-performance program in place with Mayo for several years and anticipate an even greater impact on improved health outcomes for our members through this partnership,” said Lind.

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