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South Country Health Alliance | Provider Accessibility Survey Results

Provider Accessibility Survey Results

How do you determine whether a facility is accessible to people with disabilities?

If you require special access to get services from a provider, you can get more information by calling Member Services.

You can also download, view, and search the following survey results:

Note: The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Special Needs Purchasing Unit collaborated with the Special Needs BasicCare Health Plans to conduct a 2017 Dental Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider Survey (CAHPS). A total of 7,200 enrollees across all health plans and sample groups were selected to participate in the survey. Survey questionnaires were mailed to all selected enrollees, results have been complied, and a summary report will be published by DHS Special Needs Purchasing Unit. South Country Health Alliance will provide a copy of this report as soon as it becomes available in January 2018.


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