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Nurse Helpline & Tobacco Cessation

Nurse Helpline & Tobacco Cessation

EX Program Tobacco Cessation

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, you can get help. The EX Program helps you develop the skills and confidence you need to live tobacco-free. This service is free for South Country Health Alliance members.

In the EX Program, you will get expert advice and tips from Mayo Clinic and create a customized quit plan that learns and grows with you. You also have access to live chat support and an active EX Community of real tobacco users to help you.

Visit or call 1-833-EXCOACH (1-833-392-6224) to get started!

Ask Mayo Clinic: Nurse Helpline

Experienced nurses are only a phone call away. Ask Mayo Clinic provides reliable health information in response to your health concerns and questions. This 24-hour nurse advice line can help you decide on the appropriate level of care. Find the Ask Mayo Clinic phone number on the back of your South Country Health Alliance member ID card.

Ask Mayo Clinic is also available online! To get started, visit and enter your South Country Health Alliance access code (call Member Services if you have not received your member access code). Follow the online instructions to complete your symptom assessment.

Ask Mayo Clinic is a free service for South Country members. If you have a question about your health care benefits, call Member Services.


Ask Mayo Clinic Questions and Answers

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Q: Is the nurse helpline private?
Q: What if I need care now?
Q: What if I have an emergency?


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