South Country Introduces New Logo

South Country Health Alliance Logo

We are proud and excited to start the next new decade of South Country Health Alliance (South Country). Our company began its work in November of 2001, created by the counties we serve. The idea was simple – build a member-focused health plan that kept decision-making local, supported local providers, and worked closely with county agencies. Today South Country supports over 27,000 residents in 9 rural Minnesota counties with quality health care coverage. We work with our county agencies and health care providers to reduce gaps in care and improve health outcomes for our communities.

Our mission remains strong: To empower and engage our members to be as healthy as they can be, build connections with local agencies and providers who deliver quality services, and be an accountable partner to the counties we serve.

To that end, we are pleased and eager to introduce our new South Country logo. Our logo is a symbol that connects us with our communities, our members, and each other. We will start this new decade grateful for your support, excited to carry on our mission and vision, focused on our truths and values, and determined to make a difference for our members and our communities.

When you see this new logo, know that we are still the same company where our members come first!

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