Step Up! for Better Health

The Step Up! for Better Health program is designed to improve the health of members with targeted medical conditions over time and in all settings. The program works by identifying, case managing and supporting members within each target group to improve the overall health of the group. Step Up! focuses on members who have a diagnosis of depression, anxiety and hypertension. South Country uses many interventions to help members in the focus groups, to boost our current initiatives and help develop new initiatives.

Our Step Up! For Better Health initiatives include:

  • Keeping members healthy. Our goal is to increase the number of members using the Ex Program tobacco cessation program and the BeActive exercise program.
    The EX Program (web) & BeActive (web)
  • Helping members with emerging risk. Our goal is to get more members to better control their blood pressure (hypertension) during the year.
    Online Member Resources (web)
  • Improving patient safety and outcomes across settings. Our goal is to increase the use of outpatient mental health services and members receiving follow-ups within 30 days of discharge after hospitalization. We will also work to decrease emergency department visits related to a behavioral health diagnosis including depression. Behavioral Health (web)
  • Helping members with multiple chronic illnesses. Our goal is to get more members to follow their treatment plan for prescribed anti-depressant medications. Online Member Resources (web)

South Country’s Step Up for Better Health Program interventions include:

  • Health education to members through the member newsletters and Facebook posts.
  • Direct mailings of health education materials to members in one of the intervention categories.
  • Education for care coordinators on clinical guidelines and how they can help members during care coordination activities.
  • Care coordination follow up with members to supply health education, materials, encouragement and promotion of healthy habits and behaviors.
  • Behavioral Health staff from the South Country team may reach out following a hospitalization or emergency room visit.
  • South Country sends helpful resource information to our transitional age youth (17-21) and may follow up with a phone call.
  • Case managers educate members about prescribed antidepressant medication to encourage ongoing compliance with the medication to gain the full benefits.

H2419, H5703_5772 Accepted 8/9/21

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