Technical Information

Machine-readable files

In accordance to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations, South Country Health Alliance is posting machine-readable JSON files for formulary data using the links below.

South Country Health Alliance has used all reasonable efforts to deliver accurate and current data as of the date noted in each file.

Note: These files are not intended for direct consumer use. South Country health plan members should refer to their plan materials and use online search tools to learn about their benefits, medications and providers.

Medicaid FormularyMedicaid Formulary February 2024 (json)
Medicare Wrap Formulary for Medicare Advantage ProgramsMedicaid Wrap Formulary February 2024 (json)
Medicare FormularyMedicare Formulary February 2024 (json)

Provider Directory API

The Provider Directory API is publicly accessible and does not require any authorization to access the data. You can create an application to access data about providers and pharmacies using read-only RESTful API GET calls.

Base URL:

Provider Directory Resources
Supported Profiles:
Da Vinci PlanNet Implementation Guide:

Secure FHIR Resources

Member health care records and health plan records can be accessed via a secure Patient Access API. To request access to the Patient Access API, application developers must register their app. As part of the registration process, developers must complete and upload the Developer Access Questionnaire for Health Care Interoperability.

Once South Country Health Alliance has reviewed and approved access to the secure APIs, the developer will receive an email saying their access has been approved

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