Medicare Part D: The Medicare prescription drug benefit program. We call this program “Part D” for short. Medicare Part D covers outpatient prescription drugs, vaccines, and some supplies not covered by Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B or Medical Assistance. Our plan includes Medicare Part D.Medicare Part A: The Medicare program that covers most medically necessary hospital, skilled nursing facility, home health, and hospice care.
Medicare Part B: The Medicare program that covers services (such as lab tests, surgeries, and doctor visits) and supplies (such as wheelchairs and walkers) that are medically necessary to treat a disease or condition. Medicare Part B also covers many preventive and screening services.
Medical Assistance: This is the name of Minnesota’s Medicaid program. Medical Assistance is run by the state and is paid for by the state and the federal government. It helps people with limited incomes and resources pay for long-term services and supports and medical costs.
It covers extra services and some drugs not covered by Medicare. Medicaid programs vary from state to state, but most health care costs are covered if you qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Quick Reference Phone Numbers

For answers to your provider-related questions, call the number corresponding to the programs listed below.

Provider AssistanceHow to contact
SCHA Provider Contact Center1-888-633-4055
Health Services - Medical/BehavioralFax: 1-888-633-4052
All authorizations must be faxed or submitted directly via Provider Portal

For 2018 and earlier dates of service
correspondence mail to:
South Country Health Alliance
Attn: Benefits Claims Coordinator
6380 West Frontage Road
Medford, MN 55049
Medical PharmacyMedicare/Dual Eligible Members Authorization request
Fax: 1-888-633-4052
or submitted through Provider Portal

Medicaid Members
Fax: 1-866-533-5496
(PerformRx Medical Pharmacy)
Chiropractic Health ServicesFax: 1-888-633-4052
All authorizations must be faxed or submitted directly via Provider Portal
Pharmacy-related QuestionsPerformRx
Medicaid 1-866-935-8874
Medicare 1-866-935-6681
Dental-related QuestionsDelta Dental
1-651-348-3222 or
HealthEC/MN E-ConnectHealthEC/MN E-Connect (external website)

You may also download and print a complete Quick Reference Phone and Service Guide (pdf)