Well-care for Babies and Children

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What is well-care?

Well-care visits are routine visits to your child's healthcare provider for preventative activites like a physical exams and vaccinations. They are also know as Child & Teen Checkups (C&TC exams). Well-care visits are important for infants because they help keep your child healthy right from the very start.

Be Rewarded Infant Well-care Visits (C&TC exams)

Well-care visits are more thorough than a regular healthcare provider visit or exam when your child is sick. These visits are also a great time for parents to get information about good health for their kids and to ask questions.

Receive a $50 gift card - all children who are members of South Country and who complete at least six well-care visits before 15 months of age are eligible for a $50 gift card reward!
Infant Well-Care Visit Reward Voucher (English PDF) (Spanish PDF) Print this voucher and take to your child's sixth visit prior to 15 months of birth and have the doctor or nurse fill it out. Then mail the voucher to South Country to receive your gift card. You can also call Member Services and have them mail you a voucher.

Lead Tests

Lead, a substance toxic to the body, is sometimes found in dust, water, food and paint. Lead poisoning can affect your child’s health by causing permanent problems in growth and development.

All children are encouraged to have a quick and simple blood lead test by 12 months of age and then again by 24 months of age.

You can ask your child’s doctor or your county public health nurse to perform this simple test.

Child Well-Care Visits

Yearly Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC exams) are an important part of keeping your child healthy. These visits are more thorough than a trip to a health care provider for an illness.
During a C&TC visit, the doctor will check your child’s growth and development. They will also make sure your child is up to date on immunizations (shots). Call your doctor today to schedule a C&TC visit for your 3 to 6 year old child. These visits are a covered benefit for all eligible South Country members. No copay or other charges apply.

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