Member Advisory Committee

Members are the heart of our company. The Member Advisory Committee (MAC) is a forum for South Country members, family of members, and advocates to share their unique perspectives and experiences. Participants can express concerns, present challenges, and propose ideas to help us improve our services and better respond to their needs.

In order for South Country to be the best health plan it can be, we need to know what works for our members and what doesn’t. Your experience can help us understand the challenges you meet in your local health care setting. By advocating for yourself, you are also helping others like you.

Since the pandemic start, we've been meeting through Microsoft Teams virtual meeting software. We hope to get back to meetings in person in the future - please check the meeting invite for more information.

Participants in Member Advisory Committee meetings can ask questions, provide feedback, and propose ideas to help us improve our health plan to better respond to their needs.

Will I really make a difference?

By sharing your experiences and becoming involved in the Member Advisory Committee, you will help South Country do things in a way that works for all members. South Country is committed to our members, and we want to give you every chance to participate in how your health care works.

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Call us at (507) 444-7770 and ask to speak to Tara, or send us feedback by using the Give us your Feedback form below.

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