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Medicare Part B: The Medicare program that covers services (such as lab tests, surgeries, and doctor visits) and supplies (such as wheelchairs and walkers) that are medically necessary to treat a disease or condition. Medicare Part B also covers many preventive and screening services.
Medical Assistance: This is the name of Minnesota’s Medicaid program. Medical Assistance is run by the state and is paid for by the state and the federal government. It helps people with limited incomes and resources pay for long-term services and supports and medical costs.
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South Country Health Alliance and Delfina Partner to Expand Access to Critical Maternal Health Services

Delfina CEO Senan Ebrahim and Vice President of Product Jessica Barra meet with South Country Health Services Director Kim Worrall and Manager of Clinical Management Brenna Toquam. R to L: Kim Worrall, Jessica Barra, Brenna Toquam, Senan Ebrahim.

Pictured L to R: Kim Worrall, South Country Director of Health Services; Jessica Barra, Delfina VP of Product; Brenna Toquam, South Country Manager of Clinical Management; Senan Ebrahim, Delfina CEO.

Medford, Minnesota — South Country Health Alliance (South Country), a proactive county-based purchasing health plan, has announced a strategic partnership with Delfina, a leader in AI-powered personalized pregnancy care, to extend vital maternal health services to plan members throughout the eight counties serviced by South Country’s CareConnect Program.

Pioneering a Fresh Era in Maternal Health Care
The partnership between South Country and Delfina directly responds to the alarming state of maternal health in the United States, where more than 50 percent of rural counties have no hospital-based obstetrical services and 1 in 3 women in urban areas live in an OB desert. In Minnesota, American Indian women are eight times and Black women are one and a half times more likely to die from pregnancy complications than white women.

“Through this alliance, we are setting a standard for responsive and culturally sensitive maternal health services,” said Brenna Toquam, manager of South Country’s clinical care management. “It is our collective mission to reduce the disparities in healthcare outcomes by making personalized care a reality for all mothers, regardless of geographic location or background."

Bridging the Gap in Health Care Access
Delfina's commitment to overcoming healthcare accessibility challenges aligns perfectly with South Country's goals. Together, they prioritize the health of moms and babies, while fostering community partnerships, especially with local public health and OBGYN providers and practices.

“Delfina's AI-powered, connected care model complements traditional prenatal care by providing access to personally tailored education and services that support each patient’s pregnancy. These resources may otherwise be unavailable or inaccessible in rural community settings," said Senan Ebrahim, MD, PhD, CEO and founder of Delfina. "Visiting the communities where South Country members are served, we are excited to partner with South Country in a community-led model that drives care engagement and improves the health of moms and babies in Minnesota."

About South Country Health Alliance
South Country Health Alliance is a county-based purchasing health plan owned by eight Minnesota counties — Brown, Dodge, Goodhue, Kanabec, Sibley, Steele, Wabasha, and Waseca — in a joint effort to support accessible, quality health care through partnerships with community services and local health care providers for Minnesota Health Care Program enrollees. For more information go to

About Delfina
Delfina is a pioneer in the development of AI-powered personalized pregnancy care. Its platform, Delfina Care, leverages unique predictive models and real-time patient engagement data to improve mother and child health outcomes. Delfina Care empowers healthcare providers to identify at-risk patients and develop actionable care plans for pregnancy and the postpartum period. By securely tracking patient health data through in-app engagement, Delfina provides invaluable insights that enable care teams to tailor pregnancy care to each individual's needs and keep the user engaged in their pregnancy journey. Learn more at