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Provider and Pharmacy Directory

Provider Directories

The provider directories show network health care facilities and practitioners available to you as a South Country Health Alliance member. The providers listed in the directories have agreed to provide you with your health care coverage. You may go to any of our network providers listed in the directories without a referral. If you have been going to one network provider, you are not required to continue going to that same provider.

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Find medical, dental, and specialty providers included in the South Country Health Alliance network.
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Find dental providers included in the South Country Health Alliance network. Make sure Minnesota Select Dental is selected.
ELECTRONIC DOWNLOADS - These printable directories are available for download to your computer or electronic device. Click on the Directory Link to download the file.
Directory NameDirectory Link
Medicare Advantage Provider and Pharmacy Directory
Contains primary, specialty, urgent/acute care, hospitals, nursing homes, behavioral health, dental, eye care, DME, audiology, physical therapy, chiropractic, home health/PCA, and pharmacy.
2020 Provider and Pharmacy Directory (pdf)
Medical Assistance Provider Directory
Contains primary, specialty, audiology, chiropractic, dentists, durable medical equipment, eye/vision care, Indian health services, physical therapy, behavioral health, urgent/acute care, hospitals, and nursing homes.
2020 Provider Directory (pdf)
Home Care and Personal Care Agency (PCA)2020 Home Health & Personal Care Agency (PCA) Subdirectory (pdf)

Complete the form below to ask for a free printed copy. We will send you a current list by mail or email. You can also call Member Services to ask that a print copy be mailed to you. There is no cost to you for a printed copy of any directory.

The Directory Request Form has been temporarily disabled because of technical difficulties. Please call our Member Services number 1-866-567-7242 toll-free or call using the relay service of your choice to request a print directory.

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Directory Error Notification
If you find an error in our provider information, please tell us.